The Glymphatic System: From Theoretical Models to Clinical Applications

Alt Tekst

The glymphatic system is a brain-wide fluid transport system that activates during sleep and is believed to sweep wastes from the brain. Since waste accumulation is implicated in many neurodegenerative diseases, the glymphatic system has great potential clinical importance. Effectively addressing clinical applications requires developing improved understanding of the neurological and fluid dynamical mechanisms necessary for proper glymphatic function. This workshop will bring together leaders in both theoretical modeling and in vivo / in vitro study of the glymphatic system. Participants will not only hear presentations but also engage in extended, guided discussions of the state of the field, looking ahead to future research for improving understanding and clinical impact. After the workshop, all speakers will be invited to co-author a summary review.

The organizers are grateful for financial support from the Lundbeck Foundation and The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

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