Overview of Patents - Maiken Nedergaard

Patents Filed up to and Including August 2019

Treatment of Glial Tumors With Glutamate Antagonists

U.S. Patent application serial no US 7,250,394 B2, issued 2007/07/31

Inventors: Maiken Nedergaard; Owner: Maiken Nedergaard

Purine Receptor Inhibition as a therapeutic strategy in spinal cord and brain injury  

U.S. Patent application serial no. US 7,923,448 B2; issued 2011/04/12

Inventors: Maiken Nedergaard, Steven Goldman; Owner: Cornell University Medical College

Targeting Glymphatic Clearance of Brain Waste Product to Treat Neurological Diseases

PCT Patent Application No. PCT/US2014/17606; filed 2014/02/21 pending applications in

US, Japan, Europe and China.

Inventors: Maiken Nedergaard, Jeffrey Iliff, Helene Benveniste, Rashid Deane

Owner: University of Rochester and Stony Brook Medicine

Treatment and Prevention of Epilepsy

U.S. Patent application serial no. 11/719,238; filed 2005/11/14; pending

Inventors: Maiken Nedergaard, Guo Feng Tian, Takahiro Takano; Owner: University of Rochester

Adenosine and Its Mimetics, Modulators, Transport Inhibitors, and Receptor Agonists as a Therapeutic Tool to Replace or Improve the Efficacy of Deep Brain Stimulation

S. Patent application serial no. 12/671,437; filed 2008/07/29; pending

Canadian Patent application serial no. 2,698,625; filed 2008/07/29; pending

European Patent application serial no. 0878492.6; filed 2008/07/29; pending

Inventor: Maiken Nedergaard; Owner: University of Rochester

Enhancing the Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture with Adenosine

U.S. application serial 13/511,801; filed 2010/11/24; pending

Inventor: Maiken Nedergaard; Owner: University of Rochester

Method of Treating and Preventing Brain Impairment using Na+-K+2Cl-Cotransporter Isoform 1 Inhibitor

PCT application no. PCT/US13/32403; filed 2013/03/15; pending

Inventors: Maiken Nedergaard, Vinita Rangroo Thrane, Alexander Stanley Thrane

Owner: University of Rochester